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5 Tips For Choosing A Wood Flooring Company In Oxfordshire

A quick Google search reveals there are quite a few wood flooring companies in Oxfordshire. If you visit their websites you’ll find that most offer similar solid wood and engineered wood floors, at comparable prices, and therefore there’s not much between them.

Buying a new wood floor is not a purchase to take lightly. Most people do quite a bit of research beforehand to identify the right type of wood for their needs and budgets, and will want to buy their floor from a reputable company who understands these considerations and will help them make the right choice.

But with so many different wood flooring companies to choose from in the Oxfordshire area, how do you decide which wood flooring specialist to go for? Here we share 5 tips for choosing the right supplier for your new floor.

1. Choose a wood flooring specialist

We recommend that you first narrow your search down by only looking at companies that specialise in wood floors. You’ll find many suppliers stock laminate, vinyl, tiles, stone and other floor coverings as well as a range of wood flooring products. While many of them sell good quality products and offer a great service it can be difficult for them to offer specialist advice when they have such a diverse product range.

Instead, shortlist wood flooring specialists (those that only sell solid hardwood floors or engineered wood) and you can expect much better advice and support from them, as well as more options in terms of types of wood and finishes.

2. Get a recommendation

Ask around family and friends for recommendations or contact local tradespeople who have experience of laying wood floors. Ask them about the type of wood floor they purchased, whether they visited the company’s showroom and if this was helpful, what the customer service was like, their experience of ordering and delivery, and of course whether they’re happy with their floor.

If you can’t find someone you know to ask, many companies have customer reviews on their websites or on their Facebook page, so check them out.

3. Go local

Supporting a local business is good for them and the local economy, so if you have the choice shortlist the companies that are closest to you. Location is also important so you can easily pop into their showroom, explore different woods and finishes in person, and get advice and ideas from the sales team. If you want the company to install your floor it makes sense to go with a local company too. Although our flooring installers will travel across the country to fit your floor, it’s great to keep it local!

4. Visit their showroom

Many companies now operate exclusively online. They will send out samples but they don’t have a showroom where you can actually see the range of different wood floors. Some online companies say that because they don’t have the overheads of a showroom they can pass these savings onto the customer. However this is not always the case so don’t expect all online companies to be cheaper than those that have an actual showroom.

Other online flooring companies have nifty tools such as virtual room designers to help you choose the right wood floor. But in my opinion nothing can really replace the experience of comparing different wood floors in the flesh, seeing how they look in different lighting conditions and taking away some samples so you can see what they look like in your home.

5. Choose a company that wants to know about you and your home

A sign of a good wood flooring company is when they ask you lots of questions about your home and the way you live. They’re not being nosey! They’re just trying to build a picture of how much traffic your wood floor will need to contend with, whether it might experience temperature or humidity fluctuations, if a resident cat or dog (or children) need to be considered, and what impression you want to create.

A company that asks lots of questions is doing their best to ensure that you get a wood floor that lives up to your expectations, is compatible with your lifestyle and home, and gives you the wow factor you desire. If they tick all the other boxes listed above, you’re onto a winner!

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