• Beech Worktops

Beech Worktops

Beech is native to the woodlands of Europe and is known by its species name as Fagus Sylvatica. Beech worktops are more commonly known as European Beech. It is an extremely popular and widely available timber.

Beech worktops wood is noted for its hardness and strength and it responds very well to common woodworking techniques. Beech is a very popular choice for those who work with wood and is commonly used as an indoor wood in kitchens, on staircases, and other internal features.

The beauty of Beech worktops lies in its colouration which can range from a pale cream colour to a more pinkish hue which will bring a soft, warm tone to your kitchen worktops and suit any style of kitchen. We recommend Beech for its practicality, durability and the gentle tones of warm colour found in its grain.

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