Our Wood Flooring Predictions For 2018!

January 17th 2017

Written by Chris Shelper

If you’re thinking of buying a solid wood floor or an engineered wood floor in 2018 this post gazes into the future and shares our wood flooring predictions! But before you buy based on these predications we recommend visiting our showroom to explore your options and get up close and personal with different products.

Wood is a tactile material, and as you will see below ‘texture’ is trending, so it’s really important to actually see and touch a wood floor before you buy.

Wood Flooring Trends For 2018

#1: Texture

Smooth solid wood floors look stunning and will continue to grace many living rooms for years to come, however 2018 could be the year of the textured finish. We’re already seeing an increase in demand for handscrapped, wirebrushed and distressed wood flooring, which you may have seen featured in style magazines over the last few months.

Both solid wood floors and engineered wood floors can come in a variety of different finishes. Our top pick for 2018 is this Blenheim Oak Handscrapped floor that will add real character to your home.

Learn about the differences between solid wood and engineered wood floors here.

#2: Colour

If you thought that wood floors just come in ‘brown’, think again! This coming year expect to see solid wood floors in every tone imaginable, but especially at the extremes of the colour range. Dark, ebony and chocolate tones add richness and depth to your rooms, whereas blonde, cream and whitewashed finishes inject light into the space. Mix it up for the best of both worlds.

We especially like this Dilussio Oak floor in Ice.

#3: Matt finishes

High gloss finishes are still popular but along with textured finishes we are also seeing more interest in matt, satin and oiled finishes that are also practical for busy homes. Our Buckingham Cottage Oak solid wood floor is a great example of this trend, available oiled for a rustic feel.

#4: Patterns

One trend we’ve seen developing in the last year is for laying wood flooring in new exciting ways. Customers are having their floors installed diagonally, as well as using the direction of planks to show where one area of a room ends and another begins. We’re also seeing floors laid using mixed widths, layouts that incorporate different types of wood, and the classic herringbone has seen a resurgence.

#5: Wider, longer planks

Wider and longer planks can make a room look bigger than it actually is and also makes a real statement. Combined with other trends such as for darker colours and textured finishes, this style is very 2018! Our Dilussio Oak Smoked and Heavy Brushed wood flooring epitomises this trend, coming in 290mm widths and plank lengths of 2450mm.

Many of these trends have been gaining in popularity in recent years and that’s a good thing. When you choose a wood floor you’re buying a product that should last for a long time and therefore you don’t want something that will be go of fashion quickly.

Follow trends that have longevity, just as your floor will have!

For more advice and to see our solid wood and engineered wood flooring range for yourself, visit our showroom in Garsington, for directions click here.