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Is Wood Flooring Pet Friendly?

Whether you have cats or dogs (or both) it’s important that the flooring you choose for your home can cope with the added wear and tear. Carpet, for instance, can be difficult to keep clean in homes with pets, whereas wood flooring can still look brand new months down the line.

Wood flooring should be your number 1 choice

Depending on the type of wood and finish you choose, wood flooring is very pet friendly. It is easy to clean and is available in many styles so you can choose the right floor for your home. We highly recommend hardwood flooring. As the name suggests it’s hardwearing and therefore long lasting, the perfect solution for any room that has lots of traffic – including our four-legged friends.

Of course, your pet’s claws can scratch flooring so you need to choose hardwood flooring that can cope with this, especially if you have large breed dogs that are not light on their feet! The best hardwood types for homes with pets are oak walnut and maple, which are available as solid wood floors and engineering wood.

Steer clear of softwood such as pine and chestnut if you can, although they can be suitable for owners of small breed dogs and cats. Opt for a lacquer or varnish for added protection, this should help reduce scratches and stains. If your pet has an accident or there is a spillage, you should clean it up straight away if possible.

Vacuuming every few days and wiping with a wooden floor micro-fibre mop should keep your flooring clean. Don’t use a traditional mop as you don’t want to get your floor too wet.

Laminate flooring – another option

If you wish to opt for laminate flooring it’s worth bearing in mind that some laminate flooring can be slippery, so isn’t ideal for homes with elderly dogs or cats, pets with mobility problems, or even active puppies.

If possible, choose a laminate flooring that has an embossed or textured finish as the added friction will make it easier for pets to walk on. It might be a good idea to add a rug on top too as this will help your pet get from A to Z without accident. The last thing you’ll want is your over excited dog running in, skidding and damaging a piece of furniture or themselves.

Top tips to keep your wood flooring looking great

  • Whether you opt for a solid wood floor, engineered wood flooring or laminate, prevention is better than cure. Regularly trim your pet’s claws, don’t let them get long. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself you could visit a groomers or ask your vet instead.
  • With solid wood and engineered wood flooring, you can sand and refinish if scratches appear, you can’t do this with laminate. Laminate flooring is not made from wood so you would have to replace a damaged plank or leave it as it is.
  • Have a good quality doormat and ideally clean your pet’s paws before they enter your home. If you give them a brush or a rub down with a towel too, you should also be able to reduce how much fur, fluff and dirt makes its way inside.

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